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Supporting Our Clients

Executive Search

We are committed to our values and have firm beliefs on how organisations should treat their existing and prospective employees. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the go-to firm for professionals and organisations for key-senior appointments in the transport and infrastructure sectors.

Calibre has extensive experience working on executive appointments for public and private sector organisations. We are proud of our work; we have a completion rate of over 94% on retained projects and have helped our clients broaden their talent pool. We have a 46% female appointment rate in notoriously male-dominated disciplines and have helped our clients build more effective and diverse teams.

Specialist Recruitment

Where our clients have identified individual key needs, Calibre has utilised its knowledge and ability to expertly match personal capabilities and attributes to our client’s unique environments. We leverage our extensive experience, sourcing channels and large networks and talent pools to find and engage with the right candidates for your organisation.

If you are looking for new opportunities or navigating a career change, we will support and help you navigate this experience.  

People Advisory

In a constant and rapidly changing world, there are new challenges that organisations face to be adaptable while operating in costly, uncertain and more complex environments. For an organisation to be responsive in this environment, changes need to be made to the way people are led and managed to enable employees to be flexible and agile.


Calibre’s People Advisory Services assists organisations in developing transformational change programs. Starting with an Organisational Health Check to identify opportunities for improvement within operating model constraints, we then provide tailored individual and team performance advice and support. Calibre’s team can help you unlock your performance potential by supporting employees to adapt and build habits that align with your organisation's goals.

Our Values


We believe the strength of any organisation is its people. We advocate for and promote organisations that focus on and value their employees


For an organisation's people to thrive, they should match their employee's purpose to the individual's intrinsic motivation - how? Ask them what they want to do!


With the right people and the right purpose, organisations will get the right performance. This is the single biggest driver of greater organisational performance.

Our Partners 

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