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Lead Transport Planner

Sydney, New South Wales

Permanent, Full-time

19 July 2023

Interested in Smart and Sustainable Mobility? Our client invites you to bring your planning or engineering skills into play as you contribute to delivering a more sustainable transport future to their clients.



The role is based in Sydney, where you will work with the firm, a class-leading transport consultancy, to help keep Australia moving forward. This is a chance to play a key role in a growing team committed to sustainability and wanting to make a change in the mobility sector.

What makes this role stand out?

  • Multinational organization with reputation for sustainability and innovation. This is a new Australian team but with highly regarded local leadership

  • The firm is seeking to build a transport planning and advisory team that will help Australia transition to a world of smart mobility and sustainable transport

  • Key projects are already committed, you will play a pivotal role on these projects and will be able to help define the culture and ways of working in the team

  • Your value is based on what you can do and what you want to do – not how many years experience you have

  • It is a committed partner to international aid work and allocates time and resources for staff to work on these initiatives

  • It is a flexible and dynamic environment. You will work closely with the local and international leadership team allowing you to gain valuable experience and progress quickly

What will you be working on?

  • Long Term Transport Plan/Strategy for NSW government and others

  • Integrated Network Plans to guide and inform network improvement priorities across NSW

  • International Development Projects - engage with stakeholders and address complex transport issues

  • Maas Solutions And Action Plans for increasing the uptake of cycling and walking

  • Travel Demand Management and other innovative approaches to sustainable transport

The ideal candidate will have a…

  • Background and passion for transport planning and an interest in the new tools being used

  • Diverse experience and a willingness to take on various roles and responsibilities

  • Desire to continue to develop your written and verbal communication skills

  • An understanding of the NSW Transport sector

  • Ability and interest in active stakeholder engagement

This role will appeal to those who

  • Believe in finding better ways to have an impact through transport planning

  • Eager for more responsibility and autonomy in your work and on projects

  • Looking for a change from the big engineering firm working environment

  • Excited to work in a smaller, more nimble team

  • Frustrated by the ‘wait your turn’ approach to career progression

Apply Now

If you are interested in this role, please apply below. 
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